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Cognitive, Constructivist Influence One's Teaching Philosophy

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Explain how one or more of the three principle schools of learning theory—behaviorist, cognitive, and/or constructivist—might influence one's teaching philosophy. Also, what is one way that learning theories are different from instructional theories?

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Instructional theories are different from learning theories. Instructional theories focus or concentrate more on the design of the lesson. Whereas, learning theories is an approach to the ways in which students learn. In addition, learning theories determine if learning has indeed occurred.

A teaching philosophy may be influenced based on the needs of their students, the student's experiences including prior knowledge. Learners learn from various schematic structures that must be altered according to the Cognitive theory. When this occurs, ...

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Help with the two principle schools of learning theory: cognitive and constructivist that may influence one's teaching philosophy. Also, one way that learning theories are different from instructional theories.

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