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Crisis Counselors

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Please create a power point presentation consisting of about 5-10 slides on the topic "How Crisis Counselors Take Safety Procedures Seriously." The last slide should be titled "References" and sources should be cited.

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To respond to this assignment, first look for the resources you will need to cite. Search on any browser you like (I used Google) and select resources that are scholarly ones. NEVER use Wikipedia, student answer or cheat sites, or blogs. Also don't use Youtube. Look for sites with .gov, .edu and .org first, then .com and last, htm or .html sites. Skim these references you select, looking for facts, quotes and information that might be useful in your presentation, all of which must relate to the assigned topic, which is safety in crisis counseling. Specifically, safety deals with three things: safety of the person being counseled, since many persons who are disturbed enough to clinically be diagnosed, or to seek counseling, are potential suicide victims, or are possible threats to others. Second, there is the safety of the counselor to consider. Many portions of the therapy for disturbed persons deal with painful and disturbing events and emotions, and people are prone to become violent or otherwise express themselves physically. Lastly, and ...

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A beginning PowerPoint presentation on the topic of Counselors with clients in Crisis, and how safety considerations come first, with SOME APA-formatted reference citations. The student can see the example as a model to formulate their own response upon. The example is not complete: this is not a completed assignment - it is an example only.

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