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    Ethical Crises

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    What would you do if a client in crisis—who had just lost his job—talked about wanting to plow everybody down with his car? How do we respond to our clients' needs and distress while also protecting the safety of others?
    Use the ACA Code of Ethics for any information on crisis intervention or crisis response. Include the actual language from the Code, with appropriate APA citations, and discuss specifically how you would apply the ethical standard to working with this client in crisis. Include specific examples to illustrate your ideas about this potentially homicidal client.

    300 words or more with scholarly references

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    (1) How do we respond to our clients' needs and distress while also protecting the safety of others?

    McAdams and Keener (2008) assert that the reduction in crisis frequency and intensity have been reported when there is adequate counselor preparation before the crisis can occur. By understanding the phase progression of a mental health crisis and the significance of support for all crisis survivors, there can be a reduction in crises. However, once a crisis has such as this has occurred, the first and best thing to do is to listen to the client, and use counseling skills of re-election and acceptance in order to diffuse what could be a volatile situation. The counselor could offer support and encouragement in efforts the client calmed down and ease his distress.

    The first priority would be trying to get the client under some control. Individuals in crisis often act out of control, and is seeking solution as to what is happening to him or her. Moreover, a threat has been made regarding the life of others; authorities should be contacted (upon the authority of a supervisor). However, the priority task of the professional counselor is to protect the client and work to ...

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    This solution describes a specific crisis within the context of the ethical codes of the American Counseling Association