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Corporate Strategy Challenges

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Using the concept from Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 of Contemporary Strategy Analysis, address Ford's (Case 4) challenge in meeting the needs of shareholders versus stakeholders. (Please refer to attached files)

1. What ethical challenges and dilemmas might this pose?
2. How should a corporate strategy be adjusted to meet those challenges? Provide rationale for your answer.

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Corporate strategy challenges are examined.

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Corporate Strategy:

Ford Motor company is grouped among the large automobile manufactures in the globe where it manufactures and distributes automobiles through different continents. The company deals in the manufacture and sale of different brands of motor vehicle such as Volvo, Mercury and Ford. The main operations of the company are in the United States and in Europe (DATAMONITOR: Ford Motor Company, 2011).

Ethical Challenges And Dilemmas:

According to the case, the existing challenge includes the issue of the economic crises which was in existence especially in the year 2008. Taking into consideration the Case of Ford Motors and the challenges it went through in meeting the need of shareholders vs. stakeholders, there are various ethical challenges and ...

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