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    Strategic planning team

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    Imagine that you are a CEO for a large business. Your strategic planning team has just decided to pursue a retrenchment strategy. Describe some of the challenges your organization might face in implementing this strategy.

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    //In the current dynamic business scenario, every organization has to do environmental and organizational appraisal that result into various strategic alternatives. Retrenchment policy is one of them. The following section is focusing on this corporate level strategy. The means and the major objectives of this strategy are discussed below.//

    Retrenchment strategies are the important corporate level grand strategies which provide the basic and certain directions to the firm as a whole. These are the strategies that are followed when an organization substantially reduces the basic scope of its activities. Basically, retrenchment policies are used to decrease the size and activities of the firm. This is done either by cutting back in some business area or diversity of an organization's operations or by discarding the whole businesses. More over, the retrenchment strategies also contain the reduction in the expenses, so that the organization may become more financially ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 596 words with references.