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    Social Psychology: Narrative

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    Narrate a response to the following:

    What is being a mental health counselor is different from being a social worker or psychologist,?

    Can you describe what a normal day looks like in a professional counselor job?

    What court cases, public policies, and/or state laws direct what professional counselors do?

    What regulations govern counselors activities and practice, particularly those that pertain to insurance and Medicaid?

    How does understanding and respecting multiculturalism help a counselor?

    How does your knowledge of human growth and development inform the counseling practice?

    How do mental health counselors use assessments to help you with client case conceptualization?

    Talk about referring clients for psychotropic medications. What advice might you give me?

    What kinds of provisions do a professional counseling agency make for emergency response management?

    Talk about a time when a counselor respond to a natural disaster or some other large-scale crisis.

    What is the role of accountability in the counseling practice? In what ways do professional counselors are accountable and how do they address that accountability?

    Reflect on how counselors determine when they need to seek consultation or supervision. Can you provide me with a specific example of each?

    What are the most significant personal development issues counselors can face ? How do they addresse personal and professional growth and development?

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