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Jason Collins Comes Out as Gay

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Please provide a 2-3 page synopsis and analysis of the reaction of NBA's Jason Collins coming out as gay.

The article is by Joe Sterling, CNN.

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The article about the NBA player focused on the alleged significance of the first openly Gay major sports player coming out of the closet and declaring that he was Gay. The article highlighted how this individual had deduced that he should come out because of several significant events that occurred in the past few weeks. One of these events was the bombing in Boston. This propelled the individual to declare that life is too short, and that he should not live a lie any longer because of the fact that you only live once. Those aren't direct quotes but I believe that this is what he was inferring when he chose to use the bombing as a reason for his decision.

My synopsis of the article is that although it is a major ...

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The expert examines Jason Collins coming out gay. An NBA analysis is examined. A two-three page synopsis and analysis is provided.