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Skills Assessment

I am taking a Capstone course. My learning team is tasked with creating a consulting firm. each member must incorporate the skills and talent of team members. I need help to write a 250-word paper (skills assessment) that includes:

- A summary of skills and strengths based on education and experience.
- what I contribute as a member of a business consulting firm.

Here are about me:
1. English is my second language.
2. I hold insurance and income tax licenses, and have an accounting degree. In addition, I have completed several trainings for management and leadership skills.
3. I was a vice-chairman for African-American Katrina Rescue Committee. My responsibilities included coordinating volunteers and allocated funds to Katrina victims.
4. I started my insurance and income tax business 15 yrs ago with few hundreds dollars. It is a successful insurance and tax services agency and I have been recognized for many times as top insurance sales producer in the industry and for excellence in customer services. Currently, I have two three full time employees. My agency collected several million dollars in insurance premium.
5. I currently managing several investment properties owned by me.
6. I am good in develop planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling skills.
7. I am good in develop production, marketing/sales, finance, human resources, and decision-making capabilities.

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Skills Assessment:

I have displayed leadership and managerial skills throughout my career, be it related developing my own financial services from scratch and making it a highly successful one or be it managing Non Profit organizations. My vast experience in the field of management, coupled with my education and ...

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Skills Assessment