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Assessments: Discussing Instruction and Learning

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Examine how the use of assessments may improve instruction and learning.

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This solution discusses how assessments in the educational setting can be helpful for improving instruction and learning. This solution explains what assessments are, and discusses the various outcomes or purposes when looking at a statement. These include: measuring student achievement, working directly and planning on how to address targeted skills, weekly assessments, and state assessments. The explanation is given in 338 words.

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Assessments are a day to day effort intended to measure student growth and achievement. There are different outcomes or purposes when we look at assessment:

The first one is to measure student achievement. As we teach material, lessons, and objectives, we must also check for student understanding. Students are given a specific assessment based on the objective taught and with that in mind we measure their success or lack of it. The assessment will then indicate whether or not the ...

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