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    Information, experience, & assessment

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    What does the information we have examined to date mean to us as learners and present/future leaders in our current/future work sphere's?

    - Why might a skills and trait assessment have importance to us? to others?
    - How does the information inform our experiences?
    - How do our experiences inform the information you are examining?
    - What potential benefits or drawbacks might be created by implementing assessment profiles in the workplace?

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    Step 1

    The information that has been examined to date means several things to us as learners and leaders in our work sphere. As learners will apply the information in the systems in our current work sphere and improve it in future. We use information to achieve personal mastery in our sphere of work. We change and develop our mental models based on information received and this improves our effectiveness in our work sphere. The information is shared with team members and helps mold the shared vision of present and future. As leaders we use information creatively to raise provocative, insightful, and other path-finding questions that help us occupy the position of true leaders instead of people who occupy leadership position. As leaders information helps us improve our judgment, become more persuasive, and creative in our decision making.

    Step 2

    Skills and trait assessment has great importance to us. First, skills and trait assessment enables us to understand the relationship between our skills and traits and the work content including technical skills required for our job. Next, skills and trait assessment helps us improve our self management and improve our ...

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