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Subjective Ethical Assessment

What is a subjective ethical assessment?

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Subjective Ethical Assessment

Sociologists view and examine life a little differently than others. Sociologists, like similar helping professions, look at life and wonder why people behave a certain way, why people make certain decisions, and why there are inconsistencies between people's thoughts and actions.

Subjective ethical assessment is used by sociologists in the manner that they decide to conduct research but also in the way that they discern particular outcomes.

It has been stated that Max Weber, a social scientist, was objective in his thinking but still recognized that sociologists have opinions. The objective approach does not take into account the social concerns that are involved in research but examines only theories and supporting data.

To expand on the fact that indeed sociologists, as with psychologists, psychiatrists, social scientists, and the like, will have opinions, there would be an inherent (even unwritten) ethical structure to thinking and expressing ...

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