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Keys to Developing Simplified Psychological Assessment Tests

(Simplicity in assessment testing). Give an example of how Hogan's experience would make valid test construction easier. Compare to what Hogan has listed below

This is what Hogan say's about simplifying assessment test:
Aim for simplicity. "Clever" items often don't work. Also, Hogan states that simple items almost always work better than complex items. If you write an item that you think is really clever, chances are it will confuse examinees and therefore, will have poor item statistics.

What way can you simplify an assessment test and show it works better than a Complex item?

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An example of how Hogan's experience would make valid test construction easier would be developing an assessment test that is clear and concise in respect to accessing the amount of anxiety within a fire department. Based upon Hogan's experience, this should contain simple questionnaires as to the amount of nervousness that these individuals experience on a day-to-day basis, etc., that is short in duration, and utilizes a high school reading level for the questionnaire development. One of the best ways by which to be able to simplify an assessment test, is to ensure that the ...

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