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Two Pitfalls Identifying Psychotherapeutic Issues

What are two pitfalls related to identifying psychotherapeutic issues and gathering relevant client information that can preclude a therapists from really hearing and understanding the client from his or her perspective? Explain how to avoid the pitfalls.

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Culture refers to an integrated pattern of behaviors, norms, and rules that are shared by a group and involves their beliefs, values, expectations, worldviews, communication, common history, and institutions (Gladding, 2001). Each culture, as a whole, views psychology and psychological testing differently. Those views dictate which tests the culture is familiar with, accepts, and wiling to participate in. Just as the creation and usage of psychological testing is dictated by cultures. Testing should be diverse and culturally sensitive. There are many considerations when administering psychological tests; that the test culturally diverse, culturally sensitive, and diversely represented.

One consideration is to examine the composition of the standardized samples in order to determine if people from multicultural and religious populations were adequately included when establishing tests norms, reliability, and validity (Balcazar, 2010). The American Psychological Association (APA) established a set of ethic codes to ensure these considerations are taken seriously and ...

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This 600 word essay discusses concerns for reliable and valid test results from culturally diverse samples as well as considering how test results are collected, interpreted and presents. Two references are provided.