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Quality Program Review Methods

What do you think are main problems, issues, pitfalls, etc. of doing a quality program review? Are there any specific tools or methods that can be used to help overcome these problems?

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Within quality program reviews are many factors that could provide not enough or the wrong information that pertains to the program being questioned, depending on the situation involved and what particular program was being reviewed. Asking several questions as to what the review's focus is on would be a great place to start. Was the implementation of the quality program successful and just being monitored to make sure the program is on track? Are there challenges that are distracting the quality program from its intended goals? Does the company have poor quality issues? Is everyone within the organization working towards the same quality goals? As with many problems and pitfalls involved in quality program reviews are struggles that interfere with what the leaders are expecting or maybe even reviewing. Some of the main problems usually start and involve communication, though if the wrong people are used to conduct the review then ...

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Quality program review methods are determined. The specific tools or methods that can be used to help overcome these problems are determined.