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    Addiction treatment research

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    There is a wide range of therapies, approaches and modalities for the treatment of addictions. Which psychotherapeutic approaches appeals to your therapeutic style and how would you integrate these theoretical orientations and approaches? Defend your position from your readings and research of why you feel integration of these approaches and modalities is clinically indicated? What specific factors will you consider when creating a treatment plan in order to provide individualized services required for effective treatment?

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    Of all the psychotherapeutic approaches, behavioral therapies for addiction are my first choice because modifying clients' attitudes and behaviors related to drug abuse is such a critical part in order to foster their life skills. I would also ensure that I am using a chronic care approach to drug treatment, one that addresses anger, anxiety, depression, problem solving, conflict resolution skills, mental health problems
    work, school, and family functioning, and other related issues. Because of how complex addiction impacts the brain, I would also weave neurobiological approaches as well.

    Research also commends the use of CBT as group cognitive behavioral therapy for depression (GCBT-D) was delivered in community-based addiction treatment settings and "outcomes at 6 months post-baseline included ...

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