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Goals and Objectives for Dual Diagnosis

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Goals and objectives for dual diagnosis that involve mental health services and substance abuse disorders (clients reside in a residential treatment center) Population (all men)

Example given:

Goal 1: Move into theory and best practices

Objective A: Understand counseling theories of choice that are Solution focused, motivational interviewing, Reality therapy, and rational emotive behavior therapy

Objective B: Implement counseling techniques used with the above theories of choice

Objective C: Apply evidence based research in addiction recovery programs

Goal 2: Assessment and Dual Diagnosis:

Objective A:
Objective B:
Objective C:

Goal 3: Treatment Planning and its Rationale

Objective A:
Objective B:
Objective C:

Goal 4: Work with selected population of (drug addiction and mental disorders)

Objective A:
Objective B:
Objective C:

Goal 5: Additional goals and objectives
Objective A:
Objective B:
Objective C:

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Hi, and thanks for choosing Brain Mass~Screening, assessment, and creating an individualized treatment plan are all duties that a case manager is tasked with over-seeing Out of these three tasks the screening process is the first to be conducted. In the screening phase the case manager will gather information about the client's history, any substance abuse disorders, and any psychological disorders such as depression (Summers, 2012). It is also important to note that the assessments should always be monitoring for suicidal ideation. The last part is the treatment planning phase; the treatment plan needs to be an individualized plan tailored to the specific needs of that particular client. The treatment plan should be based off of the results of the screening and assessment phases to address the needs of the client which will then be used to determine goals, objectives, and ways in which the client's strengths can be utilized to achieve those goals (Summers, 2012). An effective ...

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The solution discusses the goals and objectives for dual diagnosis that involves mental health services and substance abuse disorders.

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