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Approaches to Dual Diagnosis

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Please provide a couple paragraphs describing the differences among serial, parallel, and integrated dual-diagnosis treatment models.

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This solution briefly describes approaches to treating dual disorders or comorbidity. It discusses various topics such as the parallel model and the hybrid treatment approach. This solutions is 313 words with four references.

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Question: Describe the differences among serial, parallel, and integrated dual-diagnosis treatment models.

Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe cases in which two disorders coexist within one individual at the same time" (Cavendish, 2006, p. 354). Often the terms of dual diagnosis and comorbidity are used interchangeably. As an example, anti-personality disorders (ASPD) is a problem that involves a wide range of anti-social behavior, law-breaking, aggressiveness, fighting. Etc. This psychiatric disorder is highly associated with substance abuse (dual diagnosis). The World Health Organization (WHO) describes a dual diagnosis as having a substance abuse ...

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