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Family Systems

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When considering the literature on family systems, Consider a family that has young children (younger than 5 years of age).

-Describe the fiction family system of family members.
Describe how you would feel or comfort level talking about personal issues with this family member.
-Discuss any experiences or needs regarding career development.
-Discuss the challenges of dual careers
-Relate couples counseling to career counseling.

300 words or more with scholarly references

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Describe how you would feel or comfort level talking about personal issues with this family member.

Marla is experiencing a range of emotions that may have contributed to the turmoil in her family. It is easy to see that with the mistrust and subsequent anger that she has for Derrick has resulted in a way in which the entire family is being affected. She is not taking into account the feelings of the children, whose constant crying may be linked to the tension and fighting. I would find this family easy to talk to, because there is no one to blame in this situation. However, the entire family is being affected. From this perspective of Family System therapy, the family is viewed as a functioning unit in the therapeutic process. The disruption and lack of communication among the parents have caused problems in the home for the children. The therapist in both couple and family counseling would seek to understand how individuals function in relation to each other, and from a multi-cultural perspective.

For instance, the danger of imposing values on clients without regard for their own worldview system (p.371). As Archer and McCarthy note, individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds (e.g., African Americans, Native Americans, Asians. Hispanic, etc.) Possess important differences that must be taken into considerations when counseling, diagnosing, and/or providing treatment. Derrick may be experiencing failure with such a debilitating disease that leaves him feeling weak—no longer the strong person of the house.

(4) Discuss any experiences or needs regarding career development.

Marlene would have to consider her skills, objectives, goals, and places where she would need professional development. She may need the training from school that she has put off for ...

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This solution discusses family counseling within a career development context.

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