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Environment And Family Dysfunction

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Please explain the effect of the environment on families and its effect on family function versus dysfunction.

Provide the pros and cons of the physical setting of the home, neighborhood, and community, as well as effects of the support system and types of relationships with various systems in the community.

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The environment plays a large role in determining the probability of the function, or the relative dysfunction that a family may experience. Due to this fact, it is very important for the leaders of the family unit to take the internal and external environment into careful consideration before selecting a location for their home. The election that these individuals make for their family's residence, can play large role in determining the comfort and security that their family enjoys.

One of the pros regarding the physical setting of the home, would be the aesthetic beauty of the home itself, which can have a positive psychological effect on the individuals that reside within the home, as well as outsiders who are viewing the home in their day-to-day activities. The ...

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In this project I have to focus on critically evaluating the family research information I am doing a report that has to explain how reliability and validity are important factors to consider when reviewing a research article. I am looking for assistance on a peer-reviewed journal article that reports a study concerned with a family-related topic. I have begun the project but wanted to make sure that i was on the right track and had some comparative material to guide me.

The information about the article should have.
A complete citation for the article, formatted following APA guidelines.
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