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    Abrupt Psychotic Phase (Schizophrenia)

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    Based on a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, do you think it is possible for some people to abruptly experience an active psychotic phase with little to no warning, or do you think that these symptoms are virtually always preceded by long-standing warning signs? Why? If you think psychotic symptoms can emerge abruptly, under which conditions are they likely to do so?

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    Abrupt Psychotic Phase

    A psychotic phase is a state of mental illness wherein an individual loses contact with reality, a severe condition of psychiatric disorder characterized by delusions, hallucinations and problematic/risky/dangerous insight and thought processes can lead the sufferer to abnormal actions that puts the sufferer and those around him/her in danger. Schizophrenia is that mental disorder whereby the thought process are so poor that the person is experiencing delusions and hallucinations and as such is so removed from reality - speech is disorganized, behavior is bizarre and so is the manner of thinking. Much of how a person with schizophrenia is in the middle of a psychotic attack is bizarre and scary that it leads to social and occupational dysfunction. It renders the person removed from what is real and therefore unable to function as he or she normally would. It such events, the person is 'lost' to the phase/mania. Is it possible for psychotic phases to just happen abruptly, unexpectedly out of nowhere?

    Abrupt Psychosis

    The global prevalence of schizophrenia is at 1% (Merck Manual, 2012) which means at this very moment 68,405,070 people are in the grips of a psychotic phase. Hopefully they are manageable. It is said that the biology and genetics of a person ...

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    The solution discusses the phenomenon of abrupt psychotic phase. It provides a discussion on schizophrenia, the phases associated to it and the conditions that can lead to the illness in an abrupt manner. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. An example of how such an abrupt psychotic breakdown is also provided. All these come together to provide information to answer the question set in the original problem (see above).