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Schizophrenia and Altered States of Consciousness

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Concerning schizophrenia, describe how altered states of consciousness related to sleep, psychoactive drugs, meditation and hypnosis affect individuals with the disorder.

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Sleep and Schizophrenia
? Individual's sleep pattern
? Effects of sleep disturbance on cognitive functions
? Importance and benefits of good sleep
Anti-psychotic medications

? Purpose of anti-psychotic medications
? Benefits of anti-psychotic medications

? Purpose of meditation
? Benefits of meditation
? Caution with medication
? Purpose of hypnosis
? Benefits of hypnosis
? Caution with hypnosis

The individual who suffers from schizophrenia experiences much sleep disturbances. Unfortunately, a lack of sleep or sleep disturbances has the capacity to impair cognition in even healthy individuals. Therefore, the result of this sleep disturbance pattern in individuals suffering from schizophrenia is a disruption in ...

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This solution discusses correlations between schizophrenia and sleep, psychoactive drugs, meditation and hypnosis.

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