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    Biopsychosocial Model of Schizophrenia

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    Please discuss/describe schizophrenia using a biopsychosocial model (attached) including evidence that supports brain localization for schizophrenia, genetic and environmental factors (minimum four paragraphs). Please include scholarly reference used (do not copy and paste).

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    1. Bio- meaning genetic evidence for schizophrenia:
    - there has been much research and much evidence for a biological factor in the mental disorder schizophrenia. For example, twin studies show higher probability of diagnosis of schizophrenia between identical twins vs. fraternal twins. The studies show heritability of the disease indicating a significant genetic factor in this illness.

    Refer to: Cardno, A. G., & Gottesman, I. I. (2000). Twin studies of schizophrenia: from bow‐and‐arrow concordances to star wars Mx and functional genomics. American journal of medical genetics, 97(1), 12-17.

    - genetic research also indicates a significant environmental factor in the mental illness of schizophrenia.
    - this is a complex disease and requires a multi-perspective approach such biopsychosocial model.

    Refer to : Sullivan, P. F., Kendler, K. S., & Neale, M. C. (2003). Schizophrenia as a complex trait: evidence from a meta-analysis of twin studies. Archives of general ...

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    This in-depth solution provides a biopsychosocial approach to Schizophrenia is most appropriate for such a complex mental illness. All references used are included.