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Approaches to qualitative research

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Help use qualitative research methods to develop a qualitative research plan that seeks to answer research problem and research question.

Draft an introduction for your abbreviated research plan.

Provide an introduction.
Provide a purpose statement.
Provide viable research questions.
Generate a written research plan that addresses the above questions.

A draft of your abbreviated qualitative research plan

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*Qualitative method

Qualitative method is based on a topic you are discussing. Instead of empirical variables, you are focused on concepts, and an understanding of issues based on your topic of study. Your investigation is based on what experiences will you draw from the literature in addressing the research question? What do you want to understand by conducting this research? According to Maxwell, qualitative questions usually research questions such as what, where or how (Maxwell, 2002).

(1) Methods-what will you do in actually conducting the study? What do want to learn? What questions will your research answer and how are the concepts related?

(2) Draft an introduction for your abbreviated research plan.

(a) Provide an introduction.

Hypothetical Topic: Schizophrenia

Based on earlier interventions in treating schizophrenia, there were no guidelines, or criteria by which individuals were diagnosed as schizophrenics (Meltzoff & Blumenthal, 1996). However, when the diagnosis is ...

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This study suggests approaches to qualitative research.

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