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    Conducting Research with a Qualitative Approach

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    This post will answer the following questions:
    1. How may case studies and phenomenological research be compared?
    2. What are the steps involved in conducting qualitative research?
    3.What are the approaches to qualitative inquiry?

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    Similarities and differences between case studies and phenomenological research and the types of questions that is appropriate for each design
    Case studies and phenomenological research may be compared in terms of the following:
    1. As to research focus, phenomenological research focuses on understanding the essence of experiences of individuals on the phenomenon being investigated. Case study focuses on developing an in-depth description and analysis of a case or multiple cases,
    2. As to unit of analysis, phenomenological research deals with studying several individuals who have shared the experience. Case study deals with studying an event, a program, an activity or more than one individual.
    3. As to type of research problem/research question best suited for the approach, phenomenology is on the need to describe the essence of a lived phenomenon. Case study deals on in-depth ...

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    This solution clarifies the similarities and differences of case study and phenomenological research. A brief discussion on the steps involved in conducting qualitative research is provided while various approaches to qualitative inquiry is introduced.