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The Significance of Observations in Qualitative Research

1. A fundamental pitfall in qualitative research is to confuse the actual observations with the interpretation of the observations. Why is it important that these two things remain distinctly separate?
2. Your chapter identifies several weaknesses related to survey data. Note one of these weaknesses and discuss the associated problems and possible ways to minimize them.
3. One of the most challenging aspects of conducting historical research is systematically organizing the hundreds or thousands of notes that are collected in the course of the research project. Describe one method for handling this organizational challenge, including mention of both the strengths and weaknesses of the approach.

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It is very important to keep the actual observations of a phenomenon during research, distinctly separate from the interpretation of a given phenomenon that is observed during qualitative research, due to the fact that the objective ramifications of the individual interpretation of given observations will tend to diminish the validity of the research, due to the fact that the actual observations are the relative truths of a given occurrence, without the alterations in their validity due to the introduction of human objective interpretations. In essence, ...