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    Qualitative Research designs

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    I chose Dr. Pat Bazely as the researcher to identify with and discuss with you all. Dr. Bazely is well known for her continued works on Qualitative Data Analysis. Qualitative Data Analysis refers to the process of conducting a qualitative research study from start to its completion. The process revolves around all the small details from establish a questionnaire, to taking surveys, to conducting interviews, to snapping photos, to shooting videos, and to organizing the collected data (Bazely, 2013). Dr. Bazely believes that the researcher should utilize both the conventional way (paper and pencil) and new technological ways of collecting and analyzing data (Bazely, 2013). Dr. Bazely uses a pragmatic paradigm because she is promoting that the researcher use mixed methods to address the phenomena studied to shape his or her own design (Bazely, 2013). Within this research course, we are most definitely becoming in tuned with the process of conducting a qualitative study and employing qualitative data analysis in regards to how to go about analyzing data collected by means of surveys, interviews, questionnaires, videos, or photos. Dr. Bazely's intention is to introduce practical measures and methods of formulating a qualitative data analysis (Bazely, 2013). And I believe that what we are learning does fit that agenda.

    Bazely, P., 2013. An introduction to qualitative data analysis.

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    Qualitative research design must entail unorthodox methods as this type of research is predicated upon exploring previously unknown phenomena or phenomena that is not heavily researched, which is in contrast to the use of quantitative research that ...

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    Qualitative Research designs are examined.