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    Diagnosis case study of Teen

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    Consider a child who was mentioned and described as an example in one of the videos you watched on child or adolescent mental health problems. Imagine that child or teen has been referred to you for counseling. Devise a diagnosis and treatment plan for this child or adolescent, using Chapter 19 in your Henderson & Thompson textbook, the First textbook, and the additional article you selected. Use the following format for your treatment plan (see the Treatment Planner books in your Optional Materials, for examples).

    Problem: There may be many problems evident, but choose one for the initial focus of treatment.
    Problem Definition: Describe how the problem is specifically evidenced by the client, using terms from the Diagnostic criteria in the DSM.
    Goals: Set broad goals, based on your preferred theoretical orientation, that will result in the resolution of the target problem. Provide a brief rationale for these goals, with references.
    Objectives: State objectives in specific language that can be measured (and meet demands for accountability).
    Interventions: Design actions that the counselor will take to help the client complete the objectives, based on the clients' needs and strengths and your own skills and knowledge.
    Diagnosis: This may be preliminary. Compare the behavioral, cognitive, emotional and interpersonal symptoms of the client to those in the DSM and the Handbook of Differential Diagnosis, to decide on the most appropriate diagnosis.

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    Not sure what your scenario is as it is not stated- video not attached. Thus, I will give you an example I have devised: Teen referred to you as a cutter and relational problems in the home and in school. She has runaway from home two times, both to her grandmother's house. She does not have any friends in school except for one boy of East Indian background- just arrived in the country last year. When she is at school , she hangs out with him. Often , she is with her older friends - two men and one teenage girl. They have reported to be using ...

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    Example of case study of teen with cutting behavior is given.