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    Importance of Investigating Teen Depression

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    Research about teen depression and the reasons why it is important to study said issue is included.

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    Explaining Sociology and Sociological Phenomenon

    What is a sociological theory? First off, let's define a theory. A theory is a belief or claim that aims to explain a particular phenomenon. In the social sciences, a theory signifies a conjecture or a hypothesis arrived at using scientific methods. When we say scientific method, it means that the 'hypothesis' of the theory was tested following set rules in terms of data gathering, testing and analysis. In the social sciences though, the concern is to arrive at theories that 'can explain' phenomenon more than theories that can be 'universally used'. Unlike in mathematics where a theory can be universal, like x=c²+b² where all the variables can be accounted for, the Social World is an Open system, meaning, not all variables can be accounted for or controlled. At the heart of it, sociology is that social sciences that strive to understand how society works - the structures, the agencies and all that makes it up and how all these come together as a complex web of individuals and groups organized to achieve shared goals. Sociology, the social science that seeks to understand the dynamic mechanisms of the social world requires scientists who study social phenomena to ensure that the theoretical tools & assumptions/philosophies they are using to be appropriate to the challenges/tasks they face, therefore they have to be familiar with the methodologies of research & the varied theories & perspectives that are useful in highlighting the varied aspects of the social world. Social scientists study the social world by using varied theories and tools in order to understand and discover. The subject matter that sociologists study is referred to as social phenomena. Therefore, social theories are used to 'solve' social phenomenon - events that require an explanation to arrive at a solution.

    Teen Depression

    While the phenomenon of teen depression is usually seen/viewed from a psychological and individual viewpoint, psychosocial analysis provides a bigger picture to point carers, welfare workers, analysts and eventually, key decision makers who influence and affect the systems that are designed to mould, assist and guide the youth of society into responsible citizens. Teen depression is a social phenomenon that is common around the world. Reaching puberty introduces a teen into a world of change - hormones, body, needs, perspectives, responsibilities. Sometimes this can get too much for a teen especially if he or she does not receive the necessary support to handle the changes to help the teen ease into young adulthood and survive his or her teen-years with a sense of self-worth & meaningful growth. The subject of teen depression is a big subject to tackle. There are varied statistics that explain the rate of depression among teens by age group, ethnicity, and social status. There are also varied psychological studies that investigate the reasons behind it and studies that are aimed to fight teen depression to stop it from becoming much worse. Depression is that "transient ...

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    The solution looks at the short term and long term effects of teen depression by presenting a case study. Prior to presenting the case the solution explains important terms and concepts in sociology in relation to sociological phenomenon. Advice for the structure of the paper is also provided. References are also attached. The solution follows the APA-format.