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    Proposed Sociological Research: Teen Depression

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    Select a social phenomenon, problem, or issue that you think warrants sociological research. Write a paper on why the topic needs to be researched, define the problem within that topic, and outline how you would conduct the research, including methods and research design. Why is the method you chose appropriate to this problem? Why are other methods not appropriate? You may choose to support the thesis with previous research using primary research sources. Be sure to include resources that would be helpful in your research.

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    Dear Student,

    I am going to offer you a very interesting social phenomenon to study: depression & teen suicide. Granted it has psycho-scientific roots but its social implications warrant research. Above that, I am also including a sample of a paper I have previously written before that is the research based on the proposal below to help you further. Both research paper and method paper follow the APA format. Good luck with your studies!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Research Problem & Method Paper

    Explaining Social Phenomenon

    Sociology is a fascinating field of study. Immanuel Kant, the father of sociology at first sought to study the mystery of the social - that is, of humanity (the individual, the groups, the cultures they belong to, societies, civilizations) by looking through that field of study using the social sciences, taking on qualitative and quantitative approaches (mostly quantitative during his period) to explain social phenomenon. Central to sociology are the use of theories and perspectives. In the social sciences, a theory signifies a conjecture or a hypothesis arrived at using scientific methods. When we say scientific method, it means that the 'hypothesis' of the theory was tested following set rules in terms of data gathering, testing and analysis. In the social sciences though, the concern is to arrive at theories that 'can explain' phenomenon more than theories that can ...

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    The solution explains and defines what 'social phenomenon' is in sociology and proceeds to present an important social phenomenon in society - Teen Depression, for the purpose of sociological research. The solution presents a research design as well as a final outline for the resulting research paper. The solution also presents a list of Proposed References for the research both from the Web and printed/published materials. The solution is also attached as a word file for easy printing.