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    Evaluating and preparing a postmodern research

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    I am submitting a hypothetical scenario on the subject matter of Philosophical assumptions as a researcher. I would like guidance on how one would view this scenario by addressing the following:

    You are a member of a research team that relies on a postmodernist lens. The research team is interested in submitting a research proposal to study depression among adolescents. In its first meeting, the team is discussing the following topics:
    â?¢ Their philosophical assumptions as researchers.
    â?¢ Their roles as researchers.
    â?¢ Possible methodologies to study the topic.
    However, the members are concerned that their postmodernist perspectives will be controversial, and they want to anticipate any challenges by potential logical positivistic researchers.
    Present an evaluation of the research team's position on their philosophical assumptions as researchers, their role as researchers, and potential methodologies for the study of depression among adolescents. Want to make sure that I am on the right track with my understanding of this topic and the theorectical aspect of research.

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    Dear Student,
    Hi and welcome to Brainmass. Before you can put together an evaluation, you need to cover the following areas:

    1. Research Question - this is essential, you need to have already established the question that you will ask in this research. You have a topic, teen depression, but what is the question that will 'guide' the research, what is it that the research wishes to uncover or find out? Once you have established that, we can then apply the Postmodern perspective in the way we 'attack' the problem via research design, and via -
    2. Research Purpose - this is related to the above. When you have a question, you want an answer. What will the answer be used for? For example, the research question will be 'How does Teen depression lead to Suicide?' the purpose will be - 'to identify symptoms & causes of chronic teen depression and related behavioural and mental elements to avoid tragic possibilities of the creation of suicidal inner states'.
    3. Method - early on, decide what kind of research method you will be suing. Will it be quantitative (will you seek to measure and quantify the phenomenon using published statistics), qualitative (are you going for an ethnographic study based on experiences, interviews and immersion) or mixed (are you going to use both numbers and narratives)?

    After having decided on this, you can now design the research to make sure that the undertaking falls under the Postmodernist Banner. How do you do that? Let us discuss what Postmodernism is about. At its simplest, it is a reaction and rejection of Modern ideas. Modern means ...

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    The solution provides advise and insight to students in tackling a hypothetical scenario (see above) in relation to putting together a study on teen depression using postmodernism as a perspective. In particular, how to tackle the research and how to create an evaluation of the proposed research and the philosophical position that the research/researchers have taken, including potential methodologies in order to anticipate challenges by those viewing the research proposal from other perspectives. references have been listed for further exploration of the topic.