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postmodern, Information Age art

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Question One:
Would you describe postmodern, Information Age art as contradictory, media-shaped, or indefinable?
Please explain your answer and tell us about examples of art that supports your impression.

Question Two:
How has electronic technology affected sounds and music in the Information Age?

Can you kindly help in trying to answer the above question. I have read on both but I am having trouble putting into my own words and still answering the question. Especially for question one.
Thank you,

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Postmodern, Information Age art is discussed using research, too.

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As you describe postmodern, Information Age art, I personally see it as both contradictory and media-shaped in nature. Since art typically expresses the context of the time of its creation, I feel that the computer infiltration of art is definitely visible in the digital moods, contents, and forms of this genre. What do you think?

I also think that many subversive themes also occur, giving it that sense of contradiction. Because there are often themes of resistance to social or political changes as well as reactions to consumerism, I feel ...

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