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Anne Sexon

The postmodern world of the late twentieth and early twenty-first century (and the art created in it) reflected on previous styles and eras and challenged almost everything that came before it. Consider the different criticisms and challenges postmodern artists and thinkers raised with reference to the art and ideas of previous generations.

In your initial post, select a work of art in any form (visual art, literature, music, performance) from the postmodern era. What ideas, beliefs, or perceptions does that work ask us to question? What "old" ways of thinking is your work trying to push aside? How? Do you think the work you chose is successful in challenging the ideas of the past? Why or why not?

Ensure that your chosen piece was created in this period. It should not be merely a depiction of something in this time period.

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As you briefly choose one artwork from the postmodern era, I am a fan of Anne Sexton's poem, "Her Kind." The full text is located at http://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/her-kind

As you explore what ideas, beliefs, or perceptions does that work ask us to question, it seems to question gender dynamics, marriage, and stereotypical roles for women as housewives. She ...

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