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Verbatim Dialogue: Transcript from a Depression Counselling

Write a 5-7 minute interview with you playing the clinician. Present a real or imagined problem for the interview, such as a concern about work or school, a relationship issue, or a career issue. Pretend there is someone there observing the session. Introduce yourself and open the interview by making the participant comfortable, briefly informing the participant of the parameters of the interview (how much time you have together, limits of confidentiality, purpose) and ask if he or she has any questions. Then ask how you can help. At the end of the interview summarize what you have heard.

The transcription of the interview should describe the setting for the interview. It should contain dialogue that would be used in a real interview including any disfluencies (um, uh, ya know, etc). At the end of the interview, record your impressions of the session, and include feedback that would be given if there were an outsider at the session to observe ( focus on verbal and nonverbal behaviors of the clinician and the effectiveness of the interviewer in the opening minutes of the interview in putting the participant at ease).
*The attachment provides a checklist for the interview-please be sure all items are included).*


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Dear Student,
Below is a solution you can use as reference. The clinical problem in question is depression and each character in the problem are provided in detail. The Observer is an observer participant as it is needed due to the nature of the problem, albeit the participation is small. All the requests from your attachment have been addressed. Good Luck with your studies! Thank you for using Brainmass.

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Transcript of Interview

Subject: Anne Toledo, 19
Clinical Issue: Depression
Observer: Martin Kemp, Anne's Coach
Location of Interview: Student Support Office, USB Hall
Date: July 5, 2008, 1-2 pm

Case overview:

Anne Toledo is the star player of the University of Santa Barbara's women's volleyball team. She was gained captainship of the team early last year after a stellar year as a freshman recruit. As a sports scholar, her entry into the university was due to her sports performance in the high school league where, as team captain, she carried her team to the Nationals, twice in a row. Early on in the semester, Anne's parents, married for 20 years and had been devoted to her and her aspirations since childhood, divorced. Since Anne moved to Santa Barbara from San Diego for her studies, her parents slowly drifted apart. Her mother, a grade school teacher confided early on to Anne in her freshman year that her father seemed to be 'having an affair'. At the height of Anne's freshman year as a sports scholar, she tried to ignore the possibility and never confronted her father. Sometime early this year, her father moved out of the house she shared with her mother. Anne, an only child worried constantly about both her parents but most especially her mother. Her father had moved in with his secretary of 5 years. To complicate matters more, said secretary was Anne's mom's relative, although a little distant being that they were second cousins. The Secretary's employment was precipitated by the generosity of Anne's mom who felt pity towards her cousin - a single mother of 3 whose husband left for yet another extra marital affair. While Anne's mom is trying to cope, the realization that her parents are divorced and her father is playing 'dad' to her cousins whom she 'grew up with' created a feeling of confusion and eventually depression in the star player. Her grades started to slip, her concentration on her game became problematic. Halfway through the semester, her coach, Martin Kemp decided to intervene. Her team mates tried to rally behind her by giving her friendly support while her coach tried to reach to make sense of her depression. Anne reported that she had a hard time eating, sleeping, concentrating while she confessed at 'finding nothing to live for' and feeling nothing but sadness at her loss, betrayal & anger at her father and aunt and confusion and fear as to how to handle her problems. Kemp knew that what Anne was going through might have progressed to a medical condition of extreme depression as her mood had changed from an optimistic star athlete to one of a withdrawn, haunted and empty young woman. Kemp knew that a proper diagnosis of Anne's condition would lead to measures that can be taken to fight the 'blackness', hence he has registered her for several sessions with me, one of the university's counsellors & psychological advisers. Below is the initial meet between Anne and Me. She was accompanied by her Coach David Kemp for encouragement 6 to have someone familiar while she confronted her 'demons' in my office.


( Anne, looking withdrawn yet hopeful is seated cross legged on the sofa, facing my chair. David Kemp her coach is sat on another chair across her just a little to my right. The atmosphere was intimate & almost comfortable, manipulated so as to make Anne feel 'safe'.)

Me: Anne, David, I am glad you have decided to come today. Especially you, Anne. Do not feel obliged that you have to talk about things that you do not want to. I just want you to know that whatever it is that you are feeling, whatever it is that you ...

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The solution is a Verbatim 'simulation' of a Coaching/Counselling Interview in a clinical situation. The solution follows the APA format of 'reporting', presenting a Counselling Case/Dialouge & can be used as a reference in writing up verbatim dialouges for Clinical counselling. The Clinical issue is depression and the participants include an observer, the counsellor/psychologist & the patient, a High School female athlete whose life has been turned upside down by the divorce of her parents. The solution is divided into 3 parts: Part 1, case particulars & abstract/description of the verbatim dialouge, Part 2, the extensive verbatim dialozge during the session and Part 3, summary & feedbacl plus references that were used to create the simulated Clinical session. Attached with the solution is its word version for easy printing.