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Bipolar Disorder

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Give an Outline of Bipolar Disorder

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From an on-line chapter outline on Bipolar Disorder:

1. Bipolar disorder involves both manic and depressive phases

2. Common pattern is initial manic episode followed by normal phase, then a depressed episode, then normal period

3. In rapid-cycling type, there are swings between depressive and manic or mixed episodes over long period with little or no normal functioning between

4. Other differences exist between bipolar and major depression

a. Bipolar disorder much less common
b. Two disorders show different demographic profiles
c. Married or those in intimate relationships less likely to develop major depression; does not matter in bipolar disorder
d. People with major depression tend to have histories of low self-esteem, dependency, and obsessional thinking; those with bipolar tend to have history of hyperactivity
e. Depressive episodes in bipolar disorder more likely to show pervasive slowing down
f. Two disorders differ in their course
g. Two disorders differ in their prognosis
h. Bipolar ...

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Outlines Bipolar Disorder in terms of signs and symptoms and DSM-IV-TR diagnosis. References are provided.