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Ethics and the Job Applicant Selection Process

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Need help with a healthcare class on legal and ethical topics.

You are the supervisor and have 1 position open for a floor registered nurse (RN). You have two final candidates who are both registered, licensed, have 5-7 years of experience, have great recommendations, and either would be a competent choice. Include the following in your paper:
Explain the assessment process and the additional variables that differentiate the 2 finalists (e.g., one is under age 40, one is over age 40; one is female, the other male; one is African-American, the other is Hispanic; one is married and has children under age 18, the other is divorced with grown children; one belongs to the Service Workers Union, the other is nonunion).

Evaluate the legal and ethical issues that must be considered to avoid disparate treatment or impact.
Develop a legally defensible decision-making approach to selecting the final candidate.

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The assessment process that will be utilized in order to select the best candidate for the registered nurse position would include an assessment of the educational attainment of the two candidates. In this case, these individuals would be equally qualified from an educational standpoint, due to the fact that they both have bachelors degrees which is a requirement to become an (RN) in in most states. This process would also include an analysis of additional educational attainment that these individuals might have related to nursing, but from the information presented, there seems to be no additional educational information to assess and analyze. The next important component of this assessment process would be assessing the level of experience that each of these individuals have and due to the fact that each of the candidates have 5-7 years of experience, I would seek to ascertain which candidate has the most experience within this 5 to 7 year time frame. This is due to the fact that one of the candidates will have more experience than the other, because one of them may have five years experience, and the other may have six years experience etc., and I would have to give preference to the individual that has the most time in service. The next step in this ...

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This solution describes ethical considerations in the job applicant assessment and selection process for a healthcare setting.

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