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Types of Tests in the Selection Process

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What are the top two aspects I should focus on in the selection process when selecting candidates in an organization and why? If I had to choose 2 employment test in the selection process which 2 would be more appropriate and why?

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The following are among the types of tests that have been used in the recruitment, selection and hiring process:

1. Cognitive Ability Tests - measures a person's ability to learn, understand and solve problems. The test questions include logic, reading comprehension, reasoning skills, and others that test mental ability that can determine one's ability to be successful in different kinds of jobs. By learning about one's aptitude, employers can assess a person's ability to solve problems related to the job. This is among the most widely used tests in most recruitment and hiring processes. Examples: IQ tests, Intelligence tests.

2. Personality Tests - assess a person's behaviour and patterns of thought. These tests measure behavior traits, interpersonal interactions, extraversion or introversion, conscientiousness, optimism, stress tolerance level, emotional stability, proactivity. These ...

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This solution discusses seven types of tests used in the recruitment, selection and hiring process with examples for most in 524 words.

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