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    Send Bill an email addressing characteristics for success

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    Send Bill an email addressing the following:

    Which entrepreneurial/small business owner characteristics does Bill have that may be important to his success? Which characteristics could lead to his failure?
    What steps should Bill take to avoid the pitfalls common to a small business?
    If you were Hugo, would you sell Bill the business under the terms discussed in the case? Explain your reasoning backed by concepts learned from the text and other sources.

    Your report MUST include a reference list.

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    Date: November 15, 20xx
    To: bill@yourcompany.com
    Subject: Entrepreneurial/small business feedback

    Hi Bill:

    Thank you for your request soliciting feedback regarding entrepreneurial/small business owner characteristics, pitfalls in business, and purchase of the business you are currently considering buying. Please see the information and feedback below.

    1. There are several entrepreneurial/small business owner characteristics that you have that will be important to ...

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