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For this assignment, assume you are a new manager who manages a organization of more than 50 employees. Using your career area of interest, determine and describe the scope of work performed by your department. Some ideas might include a sales & customer service department, a technology & IT group, a human resources department, a clinical department in a healthcare facility, or any other area functional area which interests you.
Your vice president has asked you to prepare and present to her a PowerPoint presentation that outlines what actions you will be taking and what you expect to accomplish during the first 90 days on the job. She requested that you be as specific as possible stating what activities you will be involved in related to all of the functions of management--planning, organizing, leading and controlling.
For each topic, state what you will do and do not simply describe the concept. For example, if talking about organizational structure, describe the organizational structure you will implement for your department and and let us know why this is the best structure for your situation. If talking about leadership style, describe your leadership style and what you will seek from managers or leaders in your organization.
Your PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of 12 slides and no more than15 slides and include the following:
ââ?¬¢ Title page
ââ?¬¢ Agenda
ââ?¬¢ Introduction
ââ?¬¢ Planning
o Planning and Goal Setting
o Decision Making Process
ââ?¬¢ Organizing
o Diversity Efforts
o Organizational Structure
o Human Resource Management
ââ?¬¢ Leading
o Motivation
o Leadership style
o Communication
o Teamwork
ââ?¬¢ Controlling
o Managerial and Quality Control
o Information Technology and E-Business
ââ?¬¢ Conclusion

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