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The Research Process and Healthcare

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Why is the Research Process (7 step) important to Healthcare Administrators/Professionals?

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A discussion regarding the seven step research process as it pertains to Healthcare Administrators/Professionals. 435 words, 1 reference.

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The research process consists of seven steps. They are: (taken from Blakenship, 2013)

- Identify the problem
- Review the literature
- Clarify the problem (clarify why the study is being done)
- Clearly define terms and concepts
- Define the population
- Develop the plan
- Collect and analyze the data

These steps are established to have a systematic approach to solving a problem that is supported by facts and data so that it leaves little question about support or validity regarding the decision making to solve that problem. For the healthcare industry, this process would focus on testing ideas in a systematic way that is documented for future reference (Blankenship, 2013).

Healthcare Administrators and Professionals are responsible for planning and ...

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