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Describing a Discontinuous Change

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Describe a discontinuous change in which you have participated or even championed. What might have gone differently, if you had been able to use a Performance Map to clarify expectations?

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The solution describes a discontinuous change.

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Discontinuity of Change: Its Determinants
Organizational change maybe in various forms - change or alteration in people, structure, and technology. An organization may initiate strategies that may alter people's attitudes, skills, and knowledge. Changes in structures may take the form of certain policies and procedures. In terms of technology, changes may be in relation to processes or methods, machineries and equipment. What is important to note is that whatever type of change an organization implements, it must be on the basis of a need for improvement in any aspect of the organization. Hence, even before a change strategy is planned for, there should have been a thorough assessment of the organization and its operations. This is to determine the specific areas or aspects that require change.
An organizational ...

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