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Change and Organizational Life Cycle Theory

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Compare and contrast change theory and organizational life cycle theory. Evaluate the synergistic aspects of how the theories, used together, provide insight into understanding organizations.

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The following posting discusses change and organizational life cycle theory.

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The change theory

Change theory is also called a three-stage model by Kurt Lewin. Based on the model, the three stages of change include unfreezing, change, and refreezing stages.

The first stage is based on the assumption that the members of the group, or an organization for that matter, have existing factors that are affecting their behaviour. These factors may also be products of past cultural influences that need to be changed or removed; otherwise, the expected level of performance may not be attained. Unfreezing must be done to prepare or motivate all concerned for the change. This is not an easy stage because people may tend to defend and at times deny such past and existing factors causing their adverse behaviours. What is important at this stage is that people concerned would understand the need for the change and that they will desire to make some changes.

The second stage is changing what needs to be changed. Because of the feeling of dissatisfaction of the current condition and the real desire to make changes, what exactly need to be changed is identified. At this stage, " activities that aid in making the change include imitation of role models and looking for personalized solutions through trial-and-error learning" (http://www.entarga.com/orgchange/lewinschein.pdf).

The third stage is re-freezing or making the change permanent. At this stage, the new ways of doing things ...

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