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Management: Change and organization life cycle

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This week's topic is change and organization life cycle. Briefly discuss a change initiative at your organization. Based on the readings, discuss the change process, whether the change was/is successful or not going so well.

Also include the environmental dynamics that are impacting the change or have impacted the change. (Incorporate material from readings or other sources).

Source: Daft, R. L. (2009). Organizational theory and design (10th ed.). Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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Change and Organizational Life Cycle

The changes being made in the Garden Center had to do with technology changes. The company had run on a manual, paper based process for years. It was originally a supermarket chain that became a garden center out of sheer survival. Implementing the change would mean all 21 stores would have electronic point of sale registers instead of the manual registers in place at the present time.

The phases of this changeover process were as follows:

1) The Entrepreneurial Stage
The plan needed to be created as to what changes were needed and how they would be implemented.
2) The Collectivity Stage
Leadership abilities are needed at this point. All the information and analysis has to take place here to know what direction the changes are needed to take the organization in the right direction.
3) The Formalization Stage
This stage brings everything together and all the complexity gets sorted out. There will be conflicts in ...

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