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A. What is the definition of a project? What are some of the elements that differentiate a project from maintenance work? How does a focus of a project affect the business direction and orientation?

B. What is a project life cycle? How do project life cycles differ among organizations? To what degree does the structure of the project lifecycle used by the organization affect the project manager's job? Explain your answer.

C. What is a project stakeholder? What are some examples of project stakeholders? How are projects affected when stakeholders are not identified and addressed early in the project?

D. What are three project selection criteria? What do you think is the most important information required to select a project? How would you explain to your manager that a project that was important to his or her department is not good for the organization based on the selection criteria?

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The response explains the basics of managing a project, including concepts like life cycle, manager selection and resource allocation, in 614 words with 2 APA references.

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A) A project is a group of unique, interrelated activities that are planned and executed in a certain sequence to create a unique product or service, within a specific time frame, budget and the client's specification. The project differs from the maintenance work. The project has a specific goal and time limit to complete the work whereas, it is not found in the maintenance work. In maintenance work, all the activities are related to work but in the project various technically interrelated activities are consisted (Heerkens, 2001).

The focus of a project affects the direction and orientation of an organization because every project has to satisfy the quality requirements at two levels, product quality and process quality. It ensures effective utilization of the scarce resources of the organization to achieve the objectives of the business. The activities of the business moves towards achievement of the goals of the project effectively.

B) The project life cycle is a collection the ...

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