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Planned Change Improving Evidence-Based Practice

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Consider a change that has been implemented recently in your work setting. Which principles of planned change improve the chance of success in a evidence based practice change?

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The change that will be analyzed is very important for health care facilities and considered one of the most dangerous and preventable threats to patient health. Currently, hundreds of thousands of people are negatively impacted by healthcare professionals who fail to properly wash their hands before operating, treating patients at healthcare facilities across the world. This results in staph infections and death in some cases. It is a human fallacy and unacceptable, but it has continued to plague ...

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311 words discussing which principles of planned change could help a recently-implemented evidence based practice succeed.

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Use your own theoretical primary care healthcare organization as the basis for this assignment. Critique evidence-based change management and issues of quality in your organization. How are the two concepts similar, yet different? Is the use of evidence-based change management clearly articulated and applied in the organization? What is the impact of evidence-based change management on quality issues?

A minimum of 4 academic references are required APA style.

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