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    Performance Standards

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    During your career in both management and non-management roles, you will deal with performance standards. How have standards played a role in your life so far? Examples might include your academic career, your current or previous employer, or even extracurricular activities such as participation in sports. Until now, who has defined the standards that apply to you, and what role have you played in this process? How might your familiarity with standards influence your career in the future?

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    My quest to continuously improve my qualifications and experiences to be able to get to the goal of success in my career started when I first met a nun with the name of Sr. Guia. She was our Spiritual Development Coordinator and I was her Secretary. She has made a great impact in my life by encouraging me to take further studies and to support me through it. She thought me ...

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    The role of standards in one's life and its influence on his/her career in the future. References are included.