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    "Looking Back and Looking Forward"

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    HRM 534 "Performance Management"
    Week 11 Discussion1: "Looking Back"
    1. Review the lessons learned throughout "Performance Management" and discuss the most surprising or important lesson you learned, as well as what made it so.
    2. Create an "elevator speech" that would explain to other students what they would take away from this course if they took it themselves. (Add references if possible)

    Week 11 Discussion 2: "Looking Forward"
    1. Discuss the single most important lesson learned in this course (performance management) and how you expect to apply it in your current or future career as an "Administrator".
    2. Discuss likely issues that will be driving performance management concerns twenty (20) years from now. Provide specific examples to support your response. (Add references if possible)

    Please note: These are discussion questions not an assignment thanks...

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    1.The most surprising lesson learned about 'Performance Management' is the focus on how performance and expectations have changed for employees, as well as for their employers. Performance management strategies can enhance productivity, efficiency, and overall performance of the organization. However, it can benefit employees as well. Today employees have greater expectations of their employers (Vorhauser-Smith, 2012). The expectations go far beyond compensation. They involve the responsibility of organizations in behaving ethically and involvement of employees in contributing to changes or solutions.

    2. Performance Management is a process often dreaded by managers and supervisors. But it does not need to be viewed as an unwanted part of management. By setting clear expectations, communicating openly with employees, and asking employees to be involved in performance enhancement measures, the process can become a vital and welcome part of improving the overall function of a unit or an entire organization.
    Performance management is enhanced when practices such as ...

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