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    The Melting Pot

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    Imagine you are immigrating to the United States in the early 1900s. For each stage of immigration listed, (Passage, Arrival, Ethnic Neighbourhoods, and Citizenship) list one thing that you as an immigrant to the United States would be looking forward to and one thing that you would be afraid of when coming to this new country. Once you have listed each of these things, describe why you would be looking forward to the thing you mention and for the thing you'd be afraid of, mention one way you might work to overcome it once you arrive in the new world.

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    For the passage stage of immigration, I will look forward to an interesting and adventurous trip, but would be afraid of the dangers of sea travel. I will look for to an adventurous trip, because it will be a new experience to me, and I would be afraid of the dangers of sea travel, due to the possibility of sinking, and the only way to ...

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    The expert examines immigration into the United States and the terminology "The Melting Pot". One thing an immigrant coming to the United States might be looking for is determined.