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    Google's Working Environment & the Future

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    I was watching a TV program that talked about Google providing a fun working environment for their employees, the facility could be somewhere in the west coast. The program was showing inside the facility they have a gym to work out, a half-court basketball court, couple of pool tables, plenty of games consoles, dry clean / laundry, car wash, hair salon, day care center for the kids and even provide body massage service when the employees get tired. Google's idea is to provide an environment that is fun and everyone wanted to stay. Even when the staffs went home, they are so eager looking forward to go back to work in the morning. The facility also provides a lot of open areas for employees to pick each other brains for innovative ideas. The Google's culture is not new and has been practiced by many of the start-up companies during the dot.com era. The only difference is Google has a sustainable business model providing the cash flow to fuel the company moving forward where as many of the dot.com start-up are no longer exist when the initial investment dried up. The challenge for Google is their expansion, the company moves further ahead with its cloud computing and smart phone platforms.


    Can Google stay true to its vision and keep up with the fun images without the baggage of large corporation?

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    The vision of Google is to organize the information of all over the work and make it accessible for the people universally. The management of Google is now looking for the business expansion that forces a lot of capital requirement. The fun environment also includes a lot of investment as most of the company at their initial stage has failed to expand their business due to investment in providing fun facility. But ...

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