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External analysis for Google 2012

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Please assist me in preparing an External Analysis for Google 2012

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External analysis for Google 2012 are given.

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Google is a well known brand in the world of internet with strong market position in global search market. Google provides customized search options for users across the world. As computers are becoming more affordable people from economically weaker countries are getting connected to rest of the world through Google. Apart from search engine, Google provides productivity products like Gmail, Google docs, and Sites. With new Linux based computer systems, Google's applications are bundled into the operating system.

Internet search is not dependent on aging population of baby boomers like many other companies which have a demographic age group of 50-60 years. Google provides services which are not gender specific, due to which it would not get affected by changes in ratio of females to males. Google would be at advantage if older generation people start incorporating internet in their life like younger generation.

Technological Environment
Technology is of extreme ...

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