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External and Internal Environmental Analysis for Nokia

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Recommend a vision statement. Recommend and justify a mission statement. Identify the organization's key opportunities and the combinations of strength(s) and external environmental factor(s) which create each, as well as the threats and the
combinations of weakness(es) and external environmental factor(s) which create each. These are all described in "Note on SWOT analysis".

Read the attached document and recommend and justify long-term objectives.

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Internal Environment
The internal environment consists of management style, climate and organizational structure. Due to complex and challenging environment Nokia is faced with several strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. By analyzing internal environment comprising of strengths and weaknesses and external environment comprising of threats and opportunities can help Nokia decide future strategies.
External Factors
The external environment consists of technological, legal, social, economic and political factors.
Political Factors: Since Nokia is a global provider of mobile phones across different countries changes in government policy or laws of export can have an impact on company's sales. For the company to be successful it has to ensure that political situation is not unfavorable in a particular county. Nokia abides by all laws in countries in which it operates.
Economic factor: Economic factor is important for all companies including Nokia as economic conditions prevailing in a country decide whether people of that country would be willing to make more purchases. For example the economic recession all over the world impacted Nokia's sales especially in USA and Europe.
Environmental and Social factors: There are some practices which are against the law and companies cannot practice them and there are some practices which are not illegal by law but are considered unethical by public. Hence companies engaging in ...

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The expert examines the external and internal environmental analysis for Nokia.

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